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D Series Pulse Electric Fence
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1. products introduction
D serial pulse electric fence, It's devided into security electronic fences, animal husbandry electronic fence and zoo electronic fence three types.This D serial pulse electronic fence is a professional security electronic fence which is R&D and produced by our company independently.
2.Product Parameter:

Power supply parameters DC12V 2A +Poe network switch power supply
Backup battery Lithium battery DC12V 980mAH
Working temperature -30℃ ~ +55℃
Humidity ≦95%
Size 290*230*82mm
Total Weight <3kg
Pulse Voltage peak High Voltage 3KV~6KV, Low Voltage 0.5KV~2KV
Pulse current peak <10A
Pulse duration ≦0.1s
Pulse Interval 0.5s-2s Adjustable
Pulse output electncity ≦2.5mc
Pulse output energy ≦5.0J
Average consumption <3W
3.Product application
Electronic Fence is widely used in converting station, power plant, water works, factories,
key industrial sites, mines and enterprises, warehouse, estates, villas, schools, airports, aqua
farm stock farm, governmental agencies, cultural relics sites, military facilities, jails and so on which are with walls sites.
4.Product feature
Pulse electronic fence is the latest perimeter security and perimeter alarm concept in the world. Unlike traditional alarm and monitoring, which can only provide information and records when or after an event, it cannot effectively prevent the intrusion of outsiders. D series impulse electronic fences take "blocking as the mainstay and alarm as the supplement". For the design concept, the intruder is blocked out of the perimeter, and the crime is stopped before it occurs, so that the intruder can retreat. When an intruder forcibly invades, the alarm system will issue an alarm to notify the security personnel to operate the TV monitoring system in parallel.

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